Wednesday, November 2, 2011


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Even though this is scary, part of me knows I have something huge to give!
Even though I get insecure, part of me is exploding…I'm meant to do something BIGGER!
Even though I have so many vows that stop me from being the REAL BIG me, dang it, I am sick of being stuck, sick of being locked in a box!  I want OUT! 
Tapping through the points
Yes, I am kind of afraid, but I really want this!
Yes, it's scary but I am done waiting
I have a huge mission and it's calling me!
I have wanted bigger reward, bigger results, bigger money for a long time
That is also the honest truth!
I have a gift and I have only let some people see it
And I LOVE giving that gift…it is truly MY GIFT !
I am meant to give it
I really DO want to give it and I really do want my dreams!
I am not perfect and I might fail…so what!  I am doing it anyway
I am nervous and worried about judgment, so what!  DANG IT! I am doing it anyway
I am going for it with all my brilliance, desire and power
I am going for it with the absolute LOVE in my heart for sharing my gift
I am going for it because I can't NOT go for it anymore
This is my time now, MY TIME TO SHINE
I want it, I deserve and I do have what it takes
And I'll figure out the rest when I get there…
I am stepping into my rock star quality and it's AWESOME! 


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