Friday, November 11, 2011


                                                                                                            November 11th, 2011

Business owners often talk about the continual struggle for success, and there's no doubt about it, it does take courage, persistence and tenacity. If you think there's an easy route, it's time to wise up and knuckle down.

But, with today a day of remembrance in many countries, it pales in significance when you consider the struggle and hardship experienced by those who have fought and often died or sustained serious injury in war, with far greater risk at play, and far less potential personal benefit. We remember and salute you.

The point for us is, the freedom to pursue personal success, wealth or whatever your personal motivations might be, has been hard-won by those willing to sacrifice all they had. Not for them the lame excuses and can't-do attitudes that cripple many people's aspirations, hopes and dreams.

In my opinion, the greatest respect we can give them and the greatest Act of Remembrance is to take full advantage of the freedoms they have won, quit making excuses and blaming other things like the economy, the weather, or the people around us for our current state or lack of progress, and tirelessly, relentlessly and respectfully pursue our dreams, and help others pursue theirs.

Why? Because, thanks to them, we can. Because in doing so we benefit those around us and help build a greater society for the future. Because We Remember Them.
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To Your Success!

Steve Shaw

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