Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Susan Grisanti performs romantic guitar music 
     22nd Annual Holiday Show!! 
  Orlando's is located @ 2402 Ave Q in Lubbock Texas
      PH 806 747 5998 

Tuesday December 20th 7:30~9:30PM
22nd Annual Holiday Show 


 'Wonderful Music' ~ Town & Country Magazine


arturoquimico said...

Ms Grasanti... embarrased to say that I do not know you... I'm an ex Lubbockite from the '60's... Don Telford and I kept Gary P. Nunn's band together for 3 years while he was getting discovered down in Austin... Later I got out of R&R and took lessons from David Brandon, Lilly Afshar and Giovanni de Chiaro. Have been soloing since 1970 from Lubbock to Nashville TN, Jackson MS; and now Pensacola FL where I play "MexiDixieSixty" music (and reluctantly jazz). Found this blogspot... do you have YouTube videos? Calendar? Transcriptions? etc. Art Carnrick dba "Arturo"

Unknown said...

Hello Art~
So nice to see you here on BlogSpot & thank you for your kind words ~ here is the LINK to my interviews/videos for you http://susangrisantiguitarist.blogspot.com/2010/11/susan-grisanti-interviews-then-now.html
Wishing you a terrific New Year! Susan