Friday, February 17, 2012


*Basic Materials for Private Guitar Lessons


*Two Music Books:  'Music Reading For Guitar' & 'Gig Bag Book Of Scales', recommended 
based on the students' individual level. 
Total cost about $30 
& can be 
purchased Online or at the Music Stores

*Spiral notebook for lesson notes 

Cost is about $20 
& can be purchased at the 
Music Stores

*New guitar strings, if needed.
Guitar neck adjustments if needed. 

*Up to 10 favorite songs on CD or iPod.

*Students provide their own instrument
& may use also play the studio 
guitars during their lessons. 


**Grisanti Studio will provide additional lesson 
 materials as needed.


PH 806 747 6108 


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Unknown said...

Thanks for your lessons, I reviewed it and its nice and a newbie will really learn from it.

I am offering an ebook where you can study guitar lessons as well. You might be interested.